Why is your valid email address is so important?

You love entering the sweepstakes on Winloot and you do so frequently – at least we hope so! Were you aware that the way we get in touch with our winners is by email? That’s right, when someone wins a prize, we send an email to that person to notify them that they won. After that, we’ll ask where we should send your check or electronic payment and within a few days we’ll deliver your winnings! Say for example, you win the $77,777.00 prize. You want to make sure the email address you have on file with us is valid so you don’t miss out on that huge life changing check!

A great tip we can offer is that you should make sure your emails from Winloot are getting into your inbox. It was be a shame if a $77,777.00 prize notice is flagged as spam and sitting in your junk folder, where you may never see it! You can avoid this by adding us to your contacts, which tells your email provider that you want to receive notifications from Winloot. Also, when you do find one of our emails in your junk folder, click to mark the email as “not spam” so your email provider knows we are the good guys – then they’ll start delivering the Winloot emails straight to your inbox.

Another reason your email address is so important is that we will send you regular reminders of opportunities to win money and other prizes in our contests. Since you get more entries with each new day, we send you reminders so you can play and not miss out. Once the day is over, you lose those opportunities to win. It’s not the end of the world, because each day we bring you new chances to win, but it’s still better if you don’t miss a single day because each day means more opportunities for you to win!

Some prizes are awarded daily, while others are awarded on weekly or monthly schedules. When a prize is about to be awarded, we’ll give you a friendly reminder a day or two before the drawing. Why is that so important? Well first, it gives you a chance to make sure you get a few more entries in before the prize is awarded. Second, it gives you the heads up that someone is going to be receiving a winning notification in the upcoming days. Then you know to be extra careful to check your emails and make sure you don’t miss a potential winning notification!

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